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School Calendar


The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. (CBSE) At present the school is up to Class 10.


The academic year begins in April and ends in March with two breaks in between, one in summer and the other in winter. The academic year is divided into two terms (VI to X) and three terms (KG 1 to V) respectively.

KG 1 to Class V

First Term                   : April to July

Second Term              : August to November

Third Term                 : December to March

VI to X

First Term                   :  April to September

Second Term.             : October to March



First Language          : English (LKG to Std X)

Second Language     : Hindi (III to V)

                                     : Hindi/ Malayalam (VI to VIII)  

                                     :  Hindi/ Malayalam/ Arabic/ (IX & X)

Third Language        : Malayalam / Arabic (III to V)

                                     : Hindi/ Malayalam/ Arabic (VI to VIII)

Major Subjects          : Mathematics, Science & Social Science

GK                               : I to VIII

Work Education       : Computer Science, Art Education (Visual & Performing),

                                      Physical and Health Education (Sports & Games and Yoga)


L.K.G and U.K.G


Worksheets are given regularly and the students are assessed based on these worksheets and other means of evaluation.

Class I – IV


There is one Evaluation Test for each subject in each term.



Exam Dates


April – July

Begins on 24th May


August – November

Begins on 19th November


December – March

Begins on 4th March

Class VI – VIII




Test / Exam

Exam Dates

Term – 1

April – September

1st Periodic Test

Begins on 24th May

Half Yearly Exam

Begins on 18th September

Term – 2

October – March

2nd Periodic Test

Begins on 26th November

Annual Exam

Begins on 1st March

Class IX & X


Test / Exam

Exam Dates

1st Periodic Test

Begins on 24th May

Half Yearly Exam

Begins on 18th September

2nd Periodic Test

Begins on 12th November

3rd Periodic Test

Begins on 7th January

Model Exam

Begins on 24th January

Annual Exam

Std. IX – Begins on 1st March

Std. X – Board Dates

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